Because – under the conditions of the Corona restrictions – in May in all European states the commemoration ceremonies for the 75th anniversary of liberation and the victory over fascism had to be cancelled, the commemoration parade for the Day of Victory with numerous veterans of the Great Patriotic War took place at the end of June in Moscow. It was the historical anniversary of the Victory Parade 1945 on the Red Square. It was an impressive tribute to the achievements of the Soviet army in the suppression of fascist barbarism. However, it was also a visible signal that this historical achievement must not be forgotten.

In a detailed article of the US magazine "National Interest" the Russian president, Vladimir Putin got the possibility to present in a detailed article on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory over German fascism, his historical perspective

"Forgetting the lessons of history will inevitably be severely punished. We will resolutely defend the truth on the basis of documented historical facts and continue to speak honestly and impartially about the events of the Second World War".

He announced that Russia was establishing a public collection of archival documents, film and photographic materials on the history of the Second World War and the pre-war period and called on the other Allies to do the same on the basis of their archives.

Only in this way, the truth about the way into the Second World War can be made visible for future generations. In this context, he referred to the disastrous appeasement policy of the Western Allies at the Munich Dictate against CSR, but also to the rejection of the creation of a system of collective security to protect Polish sovereignty.

If - as in the scandalous resolution of the European Parliament of 19 September 2019 - the Soviet Union is called responsible for the start of the Second World War, this only shows that people are not prepared to take note of the historical documents.

And with reference to the Nazi accomplices and collaborators of the various shades, who would even have on their conscience the execution in Babyn Jar, the massacre in Volhynia, the burning of Khatyn and the extermination of Jews in Lithuania and Latvia, he lamented:

It is "amazing, when in a number of countries those who soiled themselves by collaborating with the Nazis are suddenly equated with World War II veterans. I think it is inadmissible to equate liberators and occupiers. Moreover, the heroisation of Nazi accomplices can only be seen as a betrayal of the memory of our fathers and grandfathers. The betrayal of those ideals that united the peoples in the struggle against Nazism."He warned against such developments not only with regard to history. "Historical revisionism, the manifestations of which we are now observing in the West, especially with regard to the Second World War and its outcome, is dangerous because it grossly and cynically distorts the understanding of the principles of peaceful development established at the Yalta and San Francisco conferences in 1945."

In the sense of the anti-fascist idea of the FIR and its member federations, he demanded of the former allied states "a common commitment to the spirit of the alliance and the high humanistic ideals and values, for which our fathers and grandfathers fought shoulder to shoulder.”


(Fédération Internationale des Résistantes - Association des Antifascistes)