The extreme right in Europe in the Corona crisis PDF Print E-mail

The FIR and its member federations followed in the past weeks with attention the development of the parties and groups of the extreme right in the different European countries. It became clear how they try to adapt their racist and anti-democratic politics to the Corona development.

In France, the President of the RN Marine LePen presented a "Black Book of the Corona Crisis" at the end of July, listing the government's failures, mistakes and "state lies". The government had advised against wearing face masks as late as March, but only because it had too few face masks. In fact, stocks had been reduced in previous years. France had thus "gone from fiasco to abyss". At the same time, she rages against migrants, Muslims and open borders, which she believes are partly responsible for the spread of the virus.

In Italy, Lega boss Matteo Salvini has simply linked his propaganda against migrants to the Corona development. He blames the development of the disease on "the open ports of the government". As confirmation, he cites test results, which are obligatory for the arriving refugees, where positive test results are repeatedly reported. When 13 positively tested but symptom-free Pakistani refugees were to be accommodated in the Calabrian seaside resort of Amantea, dozens of local residents, supported by right-wing propagandists, gathered for a demonstration, tried to block the road and clashed with the police. Jole Santelli, President of Calabria, a member of the Berlusconi party, Forza Italia, wrote to the Italian Government to ask the Navy to protect the coasts at last "to avert dangers to public health".

However, the opposite propaganda line is also being advocated in some European countries. In Austria, the FPÖ is talking about "over-dramatizing" the development of corona infections. In spite of a low probability of infection, "fear and panic mongering will continue", criticized deputy leader Dagmar Belakowitsch, "The government is talking about a second wave". With various mass tests, the number of infections would naturally rise, so that the government could justify its measures.

In London, several thousand marched against the government's corona policy under the slogan "Unite for Freedom". Besides numerous posters of the anti-Semitic-esoteric political sect Qanon, banners of the "British Union of Fascist" were also on display.

In Germany, right-wing populists, conspiracy theorists and neo-Nazis are mobilizing for large-scale demonstrations in various cities. Allegedly, they want to defend "freedom" against the "Merkel dictatorship". Last Sunday in Berlin, a speaker spoke with applause of the fact that "the whole nation is also being flooded from outside". In connection with last Saturday's demonstration, neo-Nazis had called for a "storming of Berlin". The extreme right showed what they meant by this, when they violently broke through the police cordon at the Reichstag building and stormed onto the stairs of the German Bundestag. NS symbols and the black, white and red "Reich War Flag" were on display.

Such political developments must fill us with concern. When the Corona pandemic is used by the far right to propagate racism or to violently attack democratic institutions, then all anti-fascists and democrats must stand together in defense of democratic rights and freedoms.

FIR (Fédération Internationale des Résistantes - Association des Antifascistes)